Shu-Yu Chen

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I am Shu-Yu Chen, a Ph.D. student at Institude of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Science, under the supervision of Prof.Shihong Xia and Prof. Lin Gao.

My current research interests include computer graphics, computer vision and deep learning.


Real-Time 3D Face Reconstruction And Gaze Tracking For Virtual Reality
Shu-Yu Chen, Lin Gao*, Yu-Kun Lai, Paul L. Rosin, Shihong Xia
IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality(IEEE VR 2018)
Paper |  Video

Rigidity Controllable As-Rigid-As-Possible Shape Deformation
Shu-Yu Chen, Lin Gao*, Yu-Kun Lai, Shihong Xia
Graphical Models 2017

Data-Driven Shape Interpolation and Morphing Editing
Lin Gao*, Shu-Yu Chen, Yu-Kun Lai, Shihong Xia
Computer Graphics Forum 2017
Paper |  Video

Efficient and Flexible Deformation Representation for Data-Driven Surface Modeling
Lin Gao*, Yu-Kun Lai, Dun Liang, Shu-Yu Chen, Shihong Xia
ACM Transactions on Graphics(SIGGRAPH 2016)
Paper |  Video


University of Chinese Academy of Science
Computer Graphics
PHD's Degree
September 2015 - present

Cardiff University, Wales, UK
Short Term Study
November 2018
December 2017

Zhengzhou University
Computer Science and Technology
Bachelor's Degree
September 2011 - July 2015

Zhengzhou University
Administrative management
Minor Program
September 2012 - July 2015

Honors and Awards